Exhibitors List Astana Build 2017
StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-47


Russia - Moscow

JUNG company, an expert in automation systems and wiring accessories in the exclusive design. In 1912, Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Schalksmuhle located in the Sauerland region of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Within over 100 years of its successful history, the company has established as a specialist for electrical switches and systems under the motto “Progress as a Tradition”. Having its own subsidiaries and represented by a number of agencies all over the world, JUNG has firmly established in the industry, also on an international scale. Our success is based on teamwork and innovative strength.

Smart House systems; Electrical equipment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-50


Kazakhstan - Almaty

MIR PARKETA, LLP is the designated representative of such worldwide renowned manufacturers as Coswick, Bonnard, Haro, Mafi, Parador, Focus Floor, and Wodden Floor. The company offers a wide choice of solid flooring and parquet, engineered wood and parquet board, modular and mosaic parquet, sports floors, decking, laminated flooring and parquet chemicals. Our retail shops are located in Almaty and Astana and equipped with showrooms with a wide number of samples and professional consultants. The company is actively engaged in commercial and corporate projects towards the large corporations and real estate developers through its own dealership network in major cities of Kazakhstan.

Wooden panels; Parquet; Plinth; Coverings floor; Coverings floor, laminated; Coverings wall;


Iran - QOM

SEE STONE GROUP COMPANY is one of wellknown and biggest stone producers and tradesrs in iran this company is owner of 13 factory and 5 quarry and they make a decision to explore the international market with their good material and good quality .

Lime stone; Marble; Travertine;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-33

CJSC "ABC Farben" – one of the leading manufacturers of paint products in Russia. Our products are sold throughout Russia and in the CIS countries. The company's portfolio includes 12 brands, 8 of them are paint brands.Decorative materials under the brand name TM Ticiana Deluxe is the high quality products, created in accordance with modern technologies and designed in the Italian style. Besides the classical style works that imitate the design of ancient castles or palaces during the Renaissance and the Baroque, we offer we offer a variety of modern finishes, including decorative plaster, finishing stuccos, fresco paintings and wallpapers.

Decorative paints and plasters; Decorative coverings, antiseptics (means for wood protection); Design of interior; Painting tool ; Professional tool ; Manual tool ; Garden tool ; Sets of tools; Interiors and finishing materials; Paints, varnishes; Building materials ; Wall-paper; Construction materials ; Contractor construction and repair ; Plaster; Enamel;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-42


Kazakhstan - Astana

Construction materials plant "Avers" features own production facilities, logistics and highly skilled personnel. There are 3 lines: 1. Production of high quality concrete pressed items using German equipment ZENITH 2. 2 lines for production of concrete mixes, sandconcrete, concrete grouts of different grades The factory produces various types, sizes and colors of pavement and curb stones for road construction, building of sidewalks, parks or private objects. Products are certified and complies to GOST of Republic of Kazakhstan. Concrete plant can deliver up 1400m3 of mixes per day. High quality, qualified staff, own production facilities and in-house logistics together with convenient location and tailored approach to each client make us a reliable partner for your business

Concrete, cement and technologies; Road construction ; Landscape design; Building materials ; Construction materials ; Building admixtures; Building; Contractor construction and repair ; Paving blocks ; Landscaping ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-20


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Roof metal; Light gauge steel frame; Metal with coverings; Metal rolling from nonferrous metals, stainless steels in building; Metal rolling steel; Curtain wall systems; Facing materials; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Reinforcing profile; Professional flooring of a reinforcing profile, sandwich of panels; Steel; Construction materials ; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-28


Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: alit1@mail.ru

Aerated Concrete Blocks; Gypsum; Gypsum stone; Granite and marble; Decorative paints and plasters; Additives for concrete and building solutions; Additives for building solutions; Synthetic, terracotta, concrete, glass, metal; Ceramic tile, floor; Ceramic tile, wall; Ceramic Granite; Ceramic brick; Tile glue ; Building materials ; Bulk floors; Processing of tiled seams; Dry admixtures; Facade; Cement, mixes; Plaster;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-61


Russia - Kaluga

LLC "ALCOTEK" is the first russian manufacturer of aluminium and steel composite panels (CP) AlcoteK®. CP AlcoteK® is used for hinged facade systems (HFS) for facades of different buildings and constructions cladding, balconies, cornices, entrance lobbies and canopies of buildings. Thanks to combination of not heavy (comparing to other types of cladding) weight, possibility of large elements shaping, different forms creating - CP AlcoteK® are irreplaceable for reconstruction. Fire Safety of HFS constructions with use of ACP AlcoteK® are not fire dangerous (K0), confirmed by full-scale fire tests by GOST 31251-2008. Easy processing, long life, widest color range of CP AlcoteK®, exclusive surfaces imitating natural materials: “wood”, “stone”, “patina” allow the most bravest ideas of architects to be implemented. TH “Alcotek” provides full range of facade materials for hinged facade systems. Product is certified in RF and CIS countries.

Aluminum composite panels; Facing materials; Construction materials ; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-64


China - NAN’AN

You design and we deliver. We supply high end stone products for villa, hotel, apartment, square, building facade etc. Material can be marble, granite, engineered marble, engineered quartz, onyx, travertine ect.

Granite and marble; Marble;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-65


Kazakhstan - Astana

Decorative paints and plasters; Decorative coverings, antiseptics (means for wood protection); Interiors and finishing materials; Undercoating, priming; Plaster;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-39



BERAMAR TECNOLOGIC S.A. is a complete manufacturer and supplier of ceramic technology from Terrassa (Barcelona), specialized in the processes of drying and firing and automations for the heavy clay industry. BERALMAR designs, manufactures and supplies every kind of firing systems for every fuel available (market leader in solid fuel firing systems), drying equipment such as ventilators and heat generators, automatic control systems, and every kind of automations for a brick plant. BERALMAR also develops engineering projects and supplies modern tunnel kilns and different types of dryers.

Electrical equipment; Engineering equipment; Engineering services; Other;


Russia - Moscow

Manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and repair of evaporative air conditioners under the brand name Biconditional.Russia

Air-conditioning and ventilation, accessories; Power saving up equipment ; Power supply;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-08


Russia - Moscow
E-mail: td@braer.ru
Web: braer.ru

BRAER is a rapidly developing Russian group of companies specializing in the production of ceramic building materials and small-piece concrete products of European quality. The group consists of several enterprises that allow not only to produce brick and concrete products of a fundamentally new class, but also to provide various types of service support for the activities of the brand.

Ceramic brick; Brick, building blocks; Building materials ; Mosaic, tile, coverings;


Kazakhstan - Semey

Production and sale of high-quality cement.

Concrete, cement and technologies; Construction materials ; Building admixtures; Building; Contractor construction and repair ; Dry admixtures; Cement, mixes;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-34


Kazakhstan - Astana

Company “Das erste Haus” is the official representative of composite tile factory GERARD, modular metal tiles VENECJA, ceramic tiles ROBEN and LA ESCANDELLA, plastic gutter system MARLEY, steel gutter system FLAMINGO, roof windows VELUX and roofing vapor-waterproofing membranes MDM in Kazakhstan. Specialists of the company “Das erste Haus” have learned all that is associated with water, wind, snow and ice, temperature extremes on the roof before offering you their products. Exclusive representatives of the manufacturing plant 1. Factory AHI ROOFING (Hungary). 2. Factory Budmat (Poland). 3. MDM ST (Poland) 4. Velux (Denmark) 5. Marley (Germany) 6. La Escandella (Spain) Our partners - BI-Group Construction - Ideal Stone - Ala Carte Construction Company - Eco Friendly Houses – Greenhouse - Polynor - HOLZ HOUSE ASIA - LIGHTHouse - Nedra SIBERIA - AKRES-А - Kwin-swig - Akmol-Project - Basis-А - ALTYN AGASH ASTANA

Timbered structures; Drains; Waterproofing; Wooden windows and doors; Roofing materials; Roof metal; Waterproofing materials ; Insulating materials;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Doctor Web – Central Asia is a daughter company of Doctor Web – a well-known Russian developer of information security programs branded Dr.Web. The company offers efficient anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for enterprises, state institutions and for personal use. Dr.Web anti-virus solutions have been developed since 1992. They have always shown perfect results of detection of malicious programs and comply with international security standards. Various certificates and awards and a lot of customers all over the world can be seen as a clear evidence of the utmost trust to the products of the company. Doctor Web is the first anti-virus vendor that offered an anti-virus as a service on the Kazakh market.


StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-68



Our main products are prepainted aluminum sheet,coated aluminum coil

Metal rolling steel;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-29


Kazakhstan - Astana

DoorHan Group of companies (1998) is an international manufacturer of automatic gates, roller shutters, front doors, fences, office partitions, handling equipment and other. GC DoorHan is the leader of the market in mobile walling in CIS. The company's factories are located in Russia, China, the Czech Republic, with offices in the Central Asian countries, Europe and the CIS. In Kazakhstan, the first production warehouse office was opened in 2007 (Astana). DoorHan is a manufacturer of a full production cycle, from component manufacturing to service. Wide dealer network makes it possible to serve efficiently to the final consumer, and highly qualified DoorHan designers can solve non-standard problems in important projects: Factory of titanium slabs «POSUK TITANIUM» (Ust-Kamenogorsk); Pipeline valves Factory Chevron (Atyrau); Passenger cars Factory "Tulpar-Talgo» (Astana); auto assembly plant JSC "Agromash" (Kostanay), etc.

The automated window systems; Internal partitions; Gate garage, industrial; Doors metal, fire-prevention and armour; Doors, automatic; Fences and fencings; Fencing ; Panel fencing; Septums internal; Shutters; Panel sandwich; Awnings, canopies and marquises; Technical consultations;

StandsЗал А, стенд 3-70


Kazakhstan - Inderborsky

TOO "ISI Gyps Inder" produces normal and water-resistant plasterboard. Since 2017 years they have been produced under Danogips trademark. The company also offers dry powdered polymer and ready-mixed joint-compounds for surface finishing, professional tools and accessories.

Painting tool ; Professional tool ; Interiors and finishing materials; Building materials ; Interior partitions; Undercoating, priming; Construction materials ; Building admixtures; Contractor construction and repair ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-48


Turkey - BURSA

E-MAK is a member of the Simge group that was founded in 1977. At the outset E-MAK was established in order to manufacture machinery required by the group, particularly for asphalt production and its applications. In a short period of time however, E-MAK developed its own genuine technologies and has become a well-known leader brand today.

Asphalt plants ;

StandsВне павильона, стенд U-04


Kazakhstan - Astana

“Energy Plus Karaganda” LLP was founded on April 14, 2003. Over the years of work on the market of autonomous gasification the company has become an expert in the sphere of autonomous gasification and heating! Every day the specialists of our organization study the needs of customers and develop the best offers for performing any tasks in the sphere of gas heating and gas supply! Due to wide specialization and high qualification of our specialists, we can accurately identify and solve a specific problem of the consumer. Since 2014 our company has been the official representative of the plant VPS (the Czech Republic) in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result, we actively promote the products of the plant, which takes one of the leading positions in the European Union and beyond in producing high-quality equipment for autonomous gasification.

Gas Supply; Power saving up equipment ; Heating equipment; Designing; Heating systems; Heat Supply;

StandsЗал-А, стенды 1-03, 1-06


Russia - Lipetsk

The Lipetsk Region Export Support Clients- exhibitors: “STROYNET”, water radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels, www.waterinpanel.com. Tel. +7 (961) 0357777 “VSO Stroyprofil”, metal structures and corrugated board, www.vsoprofil.ru. Tel. +7776711 2968 “Lighting products Factory”, www. lzsp.ru. Tel.: +79205158868 “Forsage Oil”, car and industry oil, www.forsag-lipetsk.ru “Enercom”, LED Lighting Systems, www.enercom.org “EVK”, www.evk.runova.tech “Profoborudovaniye-L”, www.stanki48.ru “ZIPO”, www.zipo-corp.ru “LASAR”, www.lasar.ru “Aviks Group”, www.aviksgroup.ru “PromMetTorg”, e-mail:lestrast@mail.ru “Beeplast”, www.beeplast.su “Lipetskiy zavod profilegibochnogo oborudovania”, www.znpo.lipetsk.ru IP Zverez A.A, hydraulics, e-mail: lenkom48@yandex.ru “Intermash”, www.intermash.su “Remiz”, tel. +74742377764

Vehicles; Design of interior; Ferro-concrete designs; Precast plants; Interiors and finishing materials; Air-conditioning and ventilation, accessories; Light gauge steel frame; Power saving up equipment ; Lighting equipment ; Illumination for premises, offices and houses; Indoor lighting, design of audio and video appliances; Machine tools, the equipment; Heat Supply; Power supply;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-87


Russia - Bugulma

Brand “Fbrush” belongs to the company “Flagman”, working successfully since 2003, and for over 12 years pleases customers with their products. The company is actively developing all these years: two production sites, network of own offices in Russia, the team is the qualified staff. Our purpose is always to produce products at affordable prices. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our products and expanding our product line. Today, we produce the glue for all types of Photo Wallpaper, high quality wall murals, frescoes and various types of paintings.

Design of interior; Interiors and finishing materials; Building materials ; Wall-paper; Wall covers; Photo design;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-23


Kazakhstan - Astana
Web: kontio.fi

Timbered structures; Ventilated facades; Wooden houses; Fixture, fixing materials; Wooden panels ; Floor covers; Building; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-26


Russia - Kazan

Building materials ; Windows, doors, facades; Construction materials ; Rubber seal for windows and doors;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-32

Quality at an affordable price. “Golden Roof” LLP, as the official dealer of Unilux, supplies to Kazakhstan’s market and installs products of the leading plant for the production of wood-aluminum windows, facade systems and doors Unilux, Germany. We do not only sell German windows and accessories to them, but also provide a complex of related services for designing, delivery, installation, consultancy support and warranty services. All works are carried out by our specialists in accordance with the corporate standards of the manufacturer. Beauty, quality, prestige - these are the main criteria that elite windows should meet. UNILUX products meet these requirements in full. Wood ensures the stability of a form and excellent thermal insulation. Aluminum cover protects the frame from negative environmental factors.

Window frames, accessories; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-75


Canada - Levis

Canadian company HONCO designs, manufactures and installs pre-engineered steel buildings for commercial, industrial and recreational projects. HONCO™ buildings offer numerous advantages: durability, energy efficiency, large spans. HONCO buildings are ideal for warehouses, logistics centers, aircraft hangars, commercial centers, sports complexes and for mining projects. HONCO's team is glad to propose you a full range of turnkey services and solutions.

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-38


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Drains; Drainage systems and materials; Other; Protective films; Fixture, fixing materials; Roofing materials; Mastic; Waterproofing materials ; Sound-proof materials ; Insulating materials; Facing materials; Window frames, accessories; PVC materials; PVC profile for windows and doors; Siding; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-84


Kazakhstan - Astana

Water supply and water removal; Radiators; Under floor heating; Heating;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-22


Waterproofing; Thermal insulation; Roofing materials;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-12


Russia - Сhelyabinsk

JSC "STROJSISTEMA" – one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Ural Federal district. The business model of holding – from project to object – complete design, manufacture and installation of metal and light frame materials. The group included: • JSC Institute "Promstroyproekt Chelyabinsk" (year of establishment – 1955) • PJSC "CHZPSN-Corrugated sheet" (year of establishment – 1974) • Construction and installation компаниz OOO "Soyuzstroykompleks". Products and services JSC "Strojsistema": • Designing of objects of any complexity, engineering survey, examination of project documentation, etc. • PRODUCTION of METAL, including lsts; PREFABRICATED BUILDINGS; PAINTED STEEL coils; SANDWICH PANELS (IDD, PUR, PIR); CORRUGATED sheet; a LONGITUDINALLY CURVED PROFILE, of METAL; STRIP; FLAT SHEET; MODULAR BUILDINGS, BLOCK CONTAINERS, etc. • Construction and installation work "turnkey" (own fleet of special equipment, the functions of the developer-customer and a General contractor).

Engineering services; Engineering of buildings, life-support systems and safety; Roofing materials; Roof metal; Light gauge steel frame; Metal with coverings; Metal rolling steel; Interior partitions; Polyester; Designing; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Manufacture of metal rolling for building; Reinforcing profile; Professional flooring of a reinforcing profile, sandwich of panels; Modular designs; Building; Sandwich panel ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-43


Kazakhstan - Astana

The company is engaged in wholesale and retail sales of locks and handles for wooden, metal, aluminum and PVC doors and windows in the territory of Kazakhstan. The company was founded in 1993 and since then it has been the leader in this industry. Since 1999 the company has been the exclusive dealer of KALE KILIT, the largest manufacturer of locks and cylinders in the world. At present, our company delivers to Kazakhstan’s market the products of the well-known European plants AGB, CISA, ISEO, FADEX, AMIG, TESA. In addition, the products of the leading Russian plants are widely presented.

Door eyes; Door openers; Lock; Canopy; Equipment for manufacture of windows and doors; Accessories for windows and doors;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-78


Kyrgyzstan - Kant

Our factory working since 1967, is the only enterprise in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, producing chrysotile cement products of high quality, confirmed by Government Certificates of conformity for each type of product. Since 2015 the company has expanded the line of products. Absolutely new production lines of fibre cement boards and cement-sand tiles started to work. The' Kant TSP LLC is located in the Chui Valley in 22 km North-East from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Aluminium profile; Ventilated facades; Internal partitions; Waterproof materials; Building materials ; Facing materials; Timbering, accessories; Shuttering robots; Panel fencing; Interior partitions; Wall covers; Undercoating, priming; Ceilings; Ceiling slabs; Siding; The water systems; Sewerage systems; Heating systems; Systems for watering and a drainage; Panels from expanded polystyrene; Construction materials ; Connection sleeves; Sandwich panel ; Facade; Cement, mixes;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 4-114


Belarus - Vitebsk

“Keramika” JSC started its activity in 1950 as “Vitebsk Concern of Building Materials”. In 1995, the enterprise was renamed to “Keramika” OJSC and joined the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus. The main activities are the production of ceramic bricks, stones and ceramic blocks, development of gravel and sand quarries, extraction of minerals (sand, clay). The products have met the requirements of the quality management system STB ISO9001-2001 since 2003 and the occupational safety management system for the production of bricks and ceramic stones STB 1800 – 2005 - since 2008. The products are widely used by stovemakers for furnace, fireplace bricklaying and building barbecues.

Ceramic brick;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-51


Kazakhstan - Astana

Ceramic tile, floor; Ceramic Granite;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-37


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

“Kraftmetiz” LLP is stable and trustworthy trade company operating in Central Kazakhstan’s market of construction materials and fastening parts. Company was founded in 2006. Head office is located in Karaganda. Two branch offices work in Almaty and Astana with 40 highly qualified employees. Company offers wide range of high quality product to its customers. Our outlets are full with high quality goods, fastening parts, electric tools, gardener’s tools and equipment, paint and varnish, carpenter’s levels and gages made by well-known manufacturers like Saint-Gobain, Tytan, Lugaabrasiv, Truper, Kapo, Krause, Omax, Penoplex, Volzhskiy Instrument and Centro-Instrument. Company is a regional dealer for “Omax” LTD, “Saint-Gobain” LTD, “Oland Tools” LTD, and “Volzhskiy Instrument” LTD. «Centro-Instrument.|»LTD , “Krafmetiz” LLP provides good to big regional construction companies, a few dozen hardware stores and thousands of locals.

Other; Measuring tool ; Professional tool ; Manual tool ; Garden tool ; Sets of tools; Scissors, knifes, edges;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-69


Kazakhstan - Astana

Professional tool ; Stairs;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-74


Russia - Moscow

“Kuntsevo-Electro” LLC is one of the leading Russian producers of high-quality wiring products, founded in 1959, which produces outlets, switches, wiring blocks, packet-type switches, etc. The enterprise is equipped with modern high-performance equipment and workplaces, which makes it possible to produce high-quality products while maintaining attractive prices. Continuous quality control throughout the entire production cycle: from receipt of raw materials to finished product release, is one of the main conditions for the production of competitive and high-quality products in the economy segment. Working with helps improve the performance of our customers, increase reliability and productivity, efficient use of electricity and improve electrical safety.

Wiring accessories;

StandsВне павильона, стенды U-02, U-02/1


Kazakhstan - Astana

The company “Titul Grupp” is a trading company, which has been operating on the market of electrical tools and construction equipment in Kazakhstan since 1997, is the official dealer of the largest well-known manufacturers, the products of which have proven themselves at their best and meet the highest requirements for reliability, durability, technological effectiveness and meet the highest demands of consumers all over the world: Makita, Hitachi, KNIPEX, Wera, BESSEY, Dronco, Stabila, Schneider Airsystems, etc. “Kural-Astana” LLP, located in Astana, is a member of the Group of Companies “Titul Group”.

Abrasive materials; Lawn-mowers and saws; Diesel compressors; Diesel power; Drill; Automatic tool ; Diamond tool ; Tool for are sharp a stone; Measuring tool ; Pneumatic tool ; Professional tool ; Cutting tool ; Manual tool ; Garden tool ; Sets of tools; Compressor; Instrumentation; Stairs; Technics for garden works; Scissors, knifes, edges; Woodworking equipment; Measuring equipment ; Washing equipment ; Drilling equipment ; Building equipment ; Heating equipment; Punchers; Polishing machines; Machine tools, the equipment; Contractor construction and repair ; Electrical equipment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-25


Kazakhstan - Astana

Kwin-Swig LLC is the one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of wood, wood-alu and wood bronze windows, doors, as well as facades and winter gardens (sun rooms) in Ukraine. Our company is a family owned, medium size business based in Kiev. Kwin-Swig LLC was established 20 years ago and has an extensive experience in both retail and wholesale markets. In our production, we use a revolutionary high-technology method of corner junction of wooden window frame components called «Swig-junction», which contributes significantly to the quality of a product. As a result of our partnership with high-end producers of hardware, paints, glass and other product components from Germany, Austria and Italy, we are able to meet expectations of the most demanding customers with regard to aesthetics and quality, as well as meet European Union building regulations and quality.

Aluminium windows and doors; Interior, exterior, folding doors; Wooden windows and doors; Parquet; Window and door PVC;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-52



With its experience having been obtained for a period of more than a half-century, corporate management, production perspective not compromising on the quality and dynamic and sound structure, Kale Kilit continues to expand by accelerating its investments day by day and to make considerable contributions to the national economy with its regional, national and international investment power and to play an important role in the industrial production.


StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-11; Вне павильона, стенд U-06


Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: info@ledin.kz

“LED INNOVATIONS” company is a young and developing lighting company in Kazakhstan since 2013, providing a full range of services in a professional lighting and a wide range of led lighting equipment. “LED INNOVATIONS” company creates and implements projects of outdoor, architectural and interior lighting. Competitive advantages of our company: • Track lighting market trends and updating the product line. • Individual approach to each project allows us to find the optimal lighting solutions. • Established supply lighting equipment from Europe and Asia. • Staff experience in developing lighting solutions since 2004. • Design (design concept with light making choices include light engineering, electrical and design parts).

Lighting equipment ; lighting masts; Illumination for premises, offices and houses; Lighting of bathrooms and swimming pools; Illumination street; Indoor lighting, design of audio and video appliances;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-17


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

“Level” LLP is the official dealer of “OGNEUPOR” LLC in Karaganda Region and Astana, the exclusive distributor of TM Euroton (Ukraine) in Astana and Karaganda, the official distributor of “Belotserkovskie Stroymaterialy” LLC (Ukraine) in Astana and Karaganda, the official distributor of “Kerameya” LLC (Ukraine) in Astana and Karaganda, the official representative of “Stroitelnyi kompleks” LLC (RF) in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the official representative of “Quick Mix” JSC (RF) in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the official representative of “LSR.Stenovye” LLC (RF) in Astana and Karaganda, the official dealer of “StroyKeramikaService” LLC (Russia) in Astana and Karaganda, the official dealer of “BRAER Trading House” LLC (Russia) in Astana and Karaganda, the official dealer of “Pyatyi Element” Trade House LLC (RF) in Astana and Karaganda. Constant availability of products in the warehouse, stable planned deliveries from the manufacturing plants allow us to provide the best possible choice of goods to consumers.

Interiors and finishing materials; Building stone ; Ceramic tile, floor; Ceramic tile, wall; Ceramic brick; Brick, building blocks; Tile glue ; Mosaic, tile, coverings; Facing materials; Road coverings ; Construction materials ; Building admixtures;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-55


Turkey - Izmir

MAK-SAN manufactures machinery and equipment for: • Brick and tile factories for clay industry • Machinery for ceramic industry. • Sunflower seed, cotton seed oil machinery for oil industry • Machinery for the soap industry • Ore Crushers • Vacuum pumps • Horizontal and Vertical (Rotorlift) Transfer Screw Drive Gearbox •Electronic and Natural Magnets •Producing machines for individual projects Our products have been all designed, developed and improved by our specialized engineers to work easy with. MAK-SAN offers services with range from the careful inspection of raw materials with regard to their layout and provided by an experienced team of specialists. These simple to use and reliable to last machines can be even operated by people with little mechanical tendencies. The consistent use of technology, system operations are guarantied energy savings of production methods.

1.01 Turn-key projects; Brick, building blocks; Building equipment ; Building materials ; Ceramic brick; Devices and equipment for tests and quality control of construction materials ; Engineering services; Equipment for brick and tile industry; Equipment for manufacture of a ceramic tile; Facing materials; Fences and fencings; Grinding machine tools; Raw materials and materials for ceramic industry; Roofing materials; Screw conveyors;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-66


Russia - Dzerzhinsky

The company TD "El Misti", already more than 17 years in the market of production of furniture for bathrooms! All production of "Misty" is projected and made in strict compliance with the international standards. Each shop is equipped state-of-the-art with the latest European equipment. Modern capacities, experts of high level, and also strict quality control, since raw materials and finishing with finished goods, provides the highest level of assembly and quality of furniture! Thanks to own hi-tech production, qualified personnel and an extensive experience in creation of furniture for bathrooms, the Misty company represents qualitative, ergonomic and functional furniture in the market! - reducing "Misty" a way to dream!

Design of interior; Building materials ; Furniture, components for its manufacture; Sanitary ceramics and faience for bathroom;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-31


Turkey - IZMIR

Founded in 1952, Namtas is one of the oldest family-owned companies in Turkey’s machine-building industry. Namtas specializes in designing, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing high-performance equipment for concrete products industry, such as: concrete block machines, pallet transport and product handling systems, batching plants and concrete mixers and various moulds for concrete products. Namtas has a flawless reputation as the leading manufacturer in this field of industry in Turkey while abroad it is becoming an acknowledged brand as well having completed hundreds of successful projects in 25 countries.

Concrete mixers; Equipment for brick and tile industry;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-72


Kazakhstan - Astana

Nord Stone LLP is the official dealer of the plant “FunderMax GmbH” (Austria), one of the world leaders in the production of structural panels for exterior facing of building and structure facades. The company “FunderMax” is represented all over the world - from Russia to the USA, belongs to one of the largest industrial concerns in Austria, is the leading European supplier of high-quality facade and interior materials, has five manufacturing workshops at three enterprises in Austria.


StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-05


Kazakhstan - Astana


StandsЗал-А, стенды 2-59, 2-60

"PGS-K" is one of the largest manufacturers of racking equipment and metal panel fences in Russia and CIS countries. The plant operates since 2002 on the market of metal products and successfully developes two brands: rack equipment SOLOS and metal panel fences GARDIS. SOLOS is equipment from light shelf racks to complicate specialized storage systems. GARDIS offers territory protection solutions for different facilities, concidering industry requirements, safety demandings, climate and relief. "PGS-K" is modern automated production with european equipment. Hight production capacities, raw materials from leading suppliers, innovative technologies and product quality system allow company to hold leading positions. Our experience is tens of thousands projects in more then 130 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and CIS.

Fences and fencings; Fencing; Panel fencing; Warehouse; Racks;

StandsЗал А, стенд 3-86


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Window decor; Design of interior; Windows and doors from fibreglass; Window frames, accessories; Window sills and ledges;


Russia - Saint-Petersburg

The Russian manufacturer of general ventilation (Central air conditioners CSAC), fire-fighting equipment (rooftop fans for smoke extraction DYM, axial RCD, rooftop forcing fans VKOP, fire dampers KLAP), network equipment (valves KVU, UVK, KVU-A), explosion-proof equipment (Central sectioned air conditioner TsSK-Ex, regulating and shutoff valves KVU-Ex), automation (automatic control system of ventilation SchAU-VU OPTIMA and slave and SchAU-VU CONTROLLO based on free programming controllers with dispatching).

Air-handling units; Extract; Engineering services; Engineering of buildings, life-support systems and safety; Valve; Air-conditioning and ventilation, accessories;



Russia - Kopeysk

Insulating materials; Heat insulation materials; Mineral cotton wool; Thermal insulation; Heat Supply; Pipes in a polyurethane cover;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-76


Russia - Moscow

The company «Prinzip» (LLC) is a leading manufacturer of modern and high-quality interior doors. It carries out large and small wholesale deliveries throughout the Russian Federation and CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States). «Prinzip» has been working on the market of doors since 1994. We proved our concern. Creativity, professionalism, responsibility – are reasons of company’s growth, stability and success. At all stages of the production cycle the company «Prizip» provides comprehensive control of product’s quality.

Interior, exterior, folding doors; Metal, fire-prevention and armour doors ; Windows, doors, facades;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-02


Germany - Hockenheim

RATEC is trendsetter in the development and production of magnetic formwork technology. For any formwork assignment we develop the suitable solution for you. Our standard solutions have proven their worth in tough practical testing. From the switchable magnet box up to complete formwork solutions for automated circulation plants, RATEC’s ideas have decisively shaped and influenced precast concrete production in the past 20 years. With RATEC’s innovative upcrete® technology almost any conceivable precast concrete element geometry can be realized by pumping concrete into the mold from below. The upcrete® battery system, 3D-module mold, UPP pump station and the universal concrete inlet UCI are the main components. The flexibility of the system offers unique potentials for shaping, dimensions and economy – while at the same time achieving top quality and all sides smooth surfaces. Benefit from our experience and flexibility. Meet the better ideas!

Battery moulds; Circulation systems; Engineering equipment; Engineering services; Modular designs; Moulding; Precast plants; Special equipment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-87


Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@bosch.kz

Bosch Thermotechnik is one of subdivisions of Bosch Group of companies. Represents Buderus and Bosch trademarks on Kazakhstan market. Main activities: • Delivery of Buderus heating and water-heating equipment and components. • Delivery of Bosch industrial hot water and steam boilers. • Supply of Bosch ventilation and air conditioning systems. • Trainings for personnel of design, installation and operating organizations. • Technical support for the project in the design, installation, commissioning. • Service during operation. Bosch Thermotechnik has offices and warehouses in Almaty, Astana; training center with functional equipment in Almaty. Equipment produced in our factories is competitive in price, meets international quality standards and strict ecological requirements.

Shutoff valves; Air-conditioning and ventilation, accessories; Power saving up equipment ; The water systems; Heating systems; Heat Supply;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-40


Russia - Rostov-on-Don

Roskhimprom consist of trading and industrial companies of paint and constraction industries. It specializes in sales of white and gray cement, concrete additives, paint adirives, lime, microcalcite LinCarb, titanium dioxide, pigments, etc.

Concrete, cement and technologies; Paints, varnishes; Marble; Chemical production; Cement, mixes;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-04


Russia - Novosibirsk

RUSSIAN PROFILE is a company for the production and sales of aluminum thresholds and stair treads; aluminum profiles for edging ceramic tiles; adhesives for floor covering. Direct sales through its own branches in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok and throughout Russia. The plant of the company is equipped with the latest equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers and equipment of its own developments; the production process is fully automated.

Aluminium profile; Floor moulding; Floor covers; Laminated floor covers; Construction materials ;


Kazakhstan - Astana

In the history of the development of Kazakhstan's industry, many important and significant dates. One of them is June 14, 2015. It is on this day that the company SAEROM KZ begins it`s career. The first manufacturer of polybutene pipes in Kazakhstan, as well as pipes from heat-resistant polyethylene PERT for hot, cold drinking water supply, heating. The pipe is completed with fittings, collectors for installation, which do not require expensive tools. The company has set a task to organize the production of pipes that will exceed their metal and plastic counterparts in such parameters as environmental safety, efficiency and durability. This is how the mission and strategy of the company appeared: "Creating technologies for an environmentally friendly and comfortable environment for people."

Brass; Building materials ; Corrosion-proof metals; Smart Home systems; The water systems; Heating systems; Construction materials ; Building; Contractor construction and repair ; Heat Supply; Pipes polyethylene; Plugs for pipes and valves;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-30


Russia - Krasnoyarsk

“Casting-Extrusion Plant "SEGAL"– is one of Russia's largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum profiles for building constructions. The basic direction of activity is the production of aluminum architectural profiles, for production of which the company takes the first place among the Russian manufacturers in this industry. Its own architectural system under the trademark «SIAL» was developed more than 15 years ago. The plant is actively developing direction on sale of drawings and standard profiles.

Aluminium windows and doors; Aluminium profile; Balcony; Ventilated facades; Curtain wall systems; Fire-prevention translucent stained-glass windows; Fire-prevention translucent doors ; Fire-prevention translucent windows ; Fire-prevention translucent partitions ; Siding; Translucent structures; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-46


Italy - IMOLA BO

Sacmi Imola is the Italian parent company of an international Group consisting of over 80 companies, that is the world-leading designer, builder and marketer of machines and complete plants for the ceramic industry: heavy clay (bricks and roof tiles), tiles, sanitaryware, tableware, refractories and technical ceramics.

StandsЗал-А, стенд 4-116


Kazakhstan - Astana

“SERVISPROFI” LLP is a successful and dynamically developing company in Astana. The company’s area of activity is wholesale and retail sales of building materials. Our company is the official dealer of the Russian brick factory “Kopylovskaya keramika” (Tomsk) in the territory of Astana city and Akmola region. The product range includes front bricks 0.5NF, 1NF and 1.4NF (red, beige, ivory, peach, chocolate) and porous blocks (2.1 NF, 6.9 NF, 10.7 NF, 10.7 NF end, 14.3 NF).

Finishing stone; Building stone ; Ceramic brick; Brick, building blocks; Building materials ; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-79


Iran - Tehran

As the biggest white cement plant in Iran with capacity 1000 tpd, we are proud to satisfy our customers throughout the world. With the cutting edge technology from FLSmidth Denmark, we are ready to deliver the white cement with the super high quality according to the international standards and requirements. We have been exporting our white cement to many countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Russia, CIS countries and Australia. We have now the complete facilities to deliver any requirement of white cement or white clinker from different clients based on FOB and CFR at any place and with any requested packing (bulk, PP. bags big bags, etc.). For any further information about our company, you can refer to our website at www.sharghwhitecement.com. Should you have any requirement of white cement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Building materials ;


Russia - Екатеринбург

Abrasive materials; Granite and marble; Diamond tool ; Tool for are sharp a stone; Professional tool ; Cutting tool ; Finishing stone; Building stone ; Machine tools, the equipment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 4-112


Kazakhstan - Pavlodar
Web: stirol.kz

“Stirol” Ltd. has 25 years of story. The company is a leader during all the period. We produce polystyrene insulation of brands 15, 25, 35 and 50, density 9 to 50 kg per cubic meter. Every day we produce and sell 700-800 cubic meters of blocks throughout Kazakhstan. Second technology we use is SIP-panels since 2007 (three layers panels – polystyrene insulation, and OSB on both sides, joint with a special glue). Its application for building 1-2 floor cottages, production and household buildings, holiday homes, children camps, walls and other types of buildings. In November 2005 our company started to produce façade panels of size 615*1115 mm, thickness 30, 50, 70, 100 mm produced in block molding machine. Used for heat insulation. In 2016 we started to produce sandwich panels with polystyrene and glass wool insulation with metal sheets on both sides. Company also apply 3 dimension cutting of polystyrene blocks. We cut columns, cornices, friezes, balls etc. Hallmark of company is mandatory. Our production is very good quality and necessary quantity always in time. Our productivity is 2000 cubic meters per day.

Construction materials ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-62


Belarus - Vileyka

The largest company in the Republic of Belarus, specializing in the production of interior doors made of solid pine and alder with various types of finish coatings: paintwork materials, natural veneer, fine-line veneer. We have more than 60 models of doors. Many years of experience with wood. A full cycle of production - from wood harvesting to final product release. In 2015, we expanded the range of products and started production of garden and cottage houses from profiled beams (pine, spruce), windows and doors for them.

Interior, exterior, folding doors; Doorframes; Wooden houses; Wooden windows and doors; Floor moulding; Joiner's products;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-21


Belarus - Minsk

The company “Svetopribor” is the leader in the manufacture of wiring accessories on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The latest technologies used to manufacture products allow our partners to increase their energy efficiency and electrical safety. More than 20 of our dealers in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and CIS countries enable us to be closer to the customer.

Switch; Power saving up equipment ; Illumination for premises, offices and houses; Wall sockets; LED production; Wiring accessories;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-41


Russia - Krasnoyarsk

FLOOR POLYMERIC FLUID RESISTANCE, GRYAZING, ANTI-SLIDE COATINGS The task of this release is to offer ready-made answers (architectural solutions) and / or "tools" in the entry / porch overview to the house (office, apartment, etc.) By our proposal, we are trying to solve the following (the reader can set priorities in the following problems independently): Creation of an aesthetically attractive interior of the entrance / vestibule, further - the entrance system; Own safety and responsibility for your visitors / employees; Cleanliness in the building begins with the entrance. The optimal balance between these indicators is selected depending on: Decision-making stage (design, reconstruction, repair or construction, operation); Appointment of the premises (office, apartment, house, individual or collective entrance); The possibility (architectural and construction) of the area of ??placement of classical optimal schemes; Intensity of walking (person / day)

Lawn grass; Carpets and rugs; Tile for pools; Carpet coverings ; Floor covers; Reinforcing profile; Silicone;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-56


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Takos Decor LLP is a representation office of South Korean manufacturer Attelis in Kazakhstan (decorative finish materials and paints Krastone, Lumian, Afolatto), as well as a distributor of South Korean manufacturers Hansol and Decoria (floor coverings).

Decorative paints and plasters; Interiors and finishing materials; Tile glue ; PVC materials;


Kazakhstan - Astana

Waterproof materials; Design of interior; Interiors and finishing materials; Finishing stone; Ceramic brick; Building materials ; Facing materials; Windows, doors, facades; Travertine; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-83


Russia - Chistopol

“Tatpolymer” TIC LLC was founded in 2001. The main activity is the production of fire fighting, sanitary and agricultural equipment. The enterprise produces more than 70 types of products, including unique equipment on the market of stormwater, water intake/drainage equipment and internal sewerage systems, roof funnels, aerators, components for stretch ceilings, etc.

Drains; Drainage systems and materials; Engineering equipment; Water drain, the sewer equipment; Valve; Roofing materials; Ceilings; The water systems; Sewerage systems; Plugs for pipes and valves;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-18


Kazakhstan - Astana

Interior, exterior, folding doors; Metal, fire-prevention and armour doors ; Doorframes; Wooden windows and doors; Winter gardens, greenhouses; Stairs; Windows, doors, facades; Wooden panels ; Parquet; Floor moulding;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Unique 3D panels for interios and exterios Volume Form.

3D Panels; Facing materials; Interior partitions; Wall covers; Designing;


Uzbekistan - Tashkent

Building materials ; Flooring; Apportion for tile; Construction materials ; Building; Contractor construction and repair ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-58


China - XIAMEN


Granite and marble; Marble;

StandsВне павильона, стенд U-03


China - Urumqi


Facade; Garbage tanks; Garden furniture;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-63


Kazakhstan - Astana

Are you dealing with the construction of facilities or the arrangement of your own home, are you creating the building’s exterior appearance or designing an apartment? The company “HROM-KZ” is an essential partner, whose help will be useful and advantageous! The company “HROM-KZ” is a manufacturer and direct supplier of stainless steel, high-strength glass and a wide range of products made of these materials: - ladders and fences; - metal and glass constructions; - doors and partitions; - mirrors; - component parts and accessories. The company has been serving its clients from all over Kazakhstan for more than 10 years. Over this period hundreds of private customers, as well as large companies from all over the country entrusted us with the fulfillment of orders and became our regular customers. We have formed the team of professionals for you (engineers, designers, measurers, mounters, delivery men, etc.), among them there are the graduates of the best domestic and foreign universities, we have improved our own production base, direct supplies.

1.01 Turn-key projects; Show-window; Internal partitions; Glazing; Mirrors and frames; Fixture for metal designs; Canopy; Corrosion-proof metals; Fire-resistant glass; Interior partitions; Door loops ; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Steel; Plugs for pipes and valves;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 3-67


Russia - Rostov-on-Don

“YugSpetcZashchita” – is the largest manufacturer of modular floor coverings made of polymers and rubber. There is no need to be an expert or call specialists if you want to construct attractive and solid floor. No need to stop working process and wait for the floor to get dry. You had better buy modular tile for the PVC floor from the manufacturer. Modular PVC floor coverings are durable, wear resistant, bright-colored and can be installed by hands. “YugSpetcZashchita” company offers various floor coverings for the different types of premises. “Sold” – are modular coverings made of PVC for floors and at the price of the manufacturer. PVC tiles are mounted to each other like a jigsaw puzzle with the help of wooden mallet. Floor coverinpgs are successfully used in workshops, warehouses, gyms, garages, car service stations and in all premises with the high load level on the floor.

Floor covers;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-01


Germany - Neunkirchen
Phone: 49 2735 7790

ZENITH Maschinenfabrik GmbH, founded in 1953, is a leading supplier of equipment for the concrete block / paver industry. As a manufacturer of travellers, stationary and mobile multilayer machines, single pallet machines and single pallet plants, we are market and technology leader for a demanding industry. More than 7.000 customers worldwide trust ZENITH and benefit from our excellent service and quick spare parts availability.

Brick, building blocks; Concrete, cement and technologies;

StandsВне павильона, стенд U-05


Russia - Zlatoust
Web: zzbo.ru

ZZBO concrete plants — No. 1 in the TOP of the sellers of concrete plants in Russia and CIS countries in 2013-2016. ZZBO products: stationary concrete batching plants with the capacity from 7 up to 144 cu m per hour, compact concrete batching plants from 15 to 90 cu m per hour, all-weather concrete plants FLAGMAN, cement silos, batching complexes, wide range of concrete mixers including twin-shaft mixers, heating centers for CBP, block making machines, vibrating molds for producing concrete goods and other accessories for CBP. Manufacturer's warranty - 2 years. Reliable component parts from the leading global manufacturers. Spare parts in-stock any time. Our own truck fleet guarantees continuous supply throughout Russia and CIS countries.

1.01 Turn-key projects; Asphalt plants ; Concrete, cement and technologies; Concrete mixers; Concrete precast batching plants; Bitumen and asphalt mixtures; Additives for concrete and building solutions; Road construction ; Precast plants; Mobile batching plants; Ready equipment ; Building equipment ; Building; Contractor construction and repair ; Cement, mixes;

StandsВне павильона, стенд U-01


Kazakhstan - Astana

“ASP-Exclusive-KZ” has been successfully operating for 20 years in Ukraine and for 3 years in Kazakhstan in the sphere of engineering, construction, design and furnishing of interiors. A professional team of architects, builders, designers will execute the project in different styles with the use of advanced construction technologies and the latest materials. We offer a fast system of high-tech and energy-efficient full-cycle housе building. All the necessary materials for the construction are manufactured at our own factory. Production capacities are able to cover all construction processes - from laying of engineering networks to the improvement of the territory. A large information base of various collections from building materials and furniture to accessories and interior elements, as well as materials for exterior design. Direct contacts with leading manufacturers of building materials, ceramics, sanitary ware, furniture, lamps and accessories of Italy, Spain, Germany, Ukraine.

Building; Interiors and finishing materials; Rapid-erected buildings;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-27


Russia - Krasnoyarsk
Web: agpb24.ru

“ARBMKK” JSC represents the producers of Krasnoyarsk Krai: “YuMAGS” LLC – manufacture of children’s and park equipment. +7 391 2029197, Е-mail: info@umags.ru “Rapid Building” LLC - design and installation of rapidly erected buildings. tel.: +7 391 2960050, E-mail: info@rapid-building.com “Pine House Krasnoyarsk” LLC - production of house kits tel.: +7 89235773042, E-mail: Pine_house@mail.ru “Flekst” LLC - production of flexible metal profile tel.: +7 3912030331, E-mail: flext24@mail.ru “Teplofon” LLC – production heaters tel.: +7 3912067375, E-mail: market@teplofon.ru Polivest-Zheleznogorsk LLC - production of thermoreactive and special powder paints phone.: +7 913 179 2331, E-mail: dir@idc24.ru “Ekovata-Sibir” LLC - production of innovative ecowools tel.: +7 391 2149834, E-mail: ekowata-sibir@mail.ru “Avangard” LLC - manufacture of windows tel.: +7 391 2830101, yarkie-okna@ya.ru

Timbered structures; Waterproofing; Window decor; Wooden houses; Other; Ferro-concrete designs; Engineering services; Interiors and finishing materials; Insulating materials; Heat insulation materials; Mineral cotton wool; Facing materials; Windows and doors from fibreglass; Window and door PVC; Saw-timbers; Floor covers; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Garden furniture; Garden arbours and canopies; Construction materials ; Steps and footboards; Heat Supply; Street furniture; Ecowool; Electrical equipment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 2-36


Kazakhstan - Astana

Bitumen and asphalt mixtures; Geotextiles; Sealants; Waterproofing; Additives for concrete and building solutions; Tile glue ; Fixture, fixing materials; Roofing materials; Waterproofing materials ; Sound-proof materials ; Insulating materials; Building materials ; Heat insulation materials; Assembly foam; PVC materials; Thermal insulation;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-15


Russia - Novosibirsk

Manufacture and sale of : solvents, paint VD-VA, enamel, bituminous mastics, glue

Adhesives; Tile glue ; Paints, varnishes; Mastic; Dissolvents; Construction materials ;


Kazakhstan - Талдыкорган

Kazakhstan boiler plant TeploStandart, KURGAN coal-, gas-fired heating boilers of long burning

Heating equipment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-24


Belarus - Mogilev

JSC Mogilevliftmach is one of leading lifts manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Today the production program of JSC Mogilevliftmach numbers 133 base lift models: - Passenger lifts with load capacity of 225, 300, 320, 400, 450, 630, 1000 and 1275 kg and traverse speed of up to 2,0 m/s; - Fright lifts with load capacity 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3200, 5000, and 6300 kg; - Lifts for hospitals with load capacity 500, 630, 1000, 1275 and 1600 kg; - Lifting platforms for disabled people; -Spare parts and equipment for the update of depreciated and worn out lifts are manufactured. Besides lift equipment JSC Mogilevliftmach manufactures the following products: - construction equipment: mast construction hoists and construction platforms; - low forest chippers; - consumer goods: woodworking machines, winches for cultivation of private gardens, fodder shredders.

Lift; Escalator;

StandsЗал-А, стенд 1-07, Вне павильона, стенд U-07


Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: info@deg.kz

Independent energy sources; Diesel power; Designing; Power supply;