Exhibitors List SECURIKA Kazakhstan 2017


Kazakhstan - Almaty

The design trading and installation company has been on the market for more than 10 years in the sphere of Fire Safety. Fire extinguishers, firefighting equipment and inventory of the European quality are supplied with at least 12 months guarantee. Manufacturing of Safety Signs, Traffic Signs in accordance with GOST standard. Designing, installation, maintenance of security and fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, video surveillance, voice warning of fire, Individual and collective rope release devices. Fire Audit. Consultations in the sphere of fire safety. Training for Fire-Technical minimum of handling equipment. Fire protection of facilities. Fire-proof processing of wooden and metal structures. Repair, reloading of fire extinguishers and disposal of fire extinguishers with write-off certificates. Rewiring and fastening (batching) of fire hoses.

IP camera; Security; Integrated Security Systems; Fire Safety; Video control system; Access Control Systems; Notification Systems; CCTV; Rescue;



Russia - St. Petersburg

IP camera; Security; Integrated Security Systems; Fire Safety; Video control system; Access Control Systems; Notification Systems; CCTV;

The main areas and scope of activity: - preparation and implementation of integrated solutions of access control systems and recording of working time; - automation of production and industrial processes; - sales, designing and installation of video surveillance systems; - sales of electrical equipment; - creation and integration of solutions based on RFID technologies

IP camera; IT Security; Security; Integrated Security Systems; Protection; Fire Safety; Video control system; Access Control Systems; Vehicle Location/Tracking Systems; Notification Systems; CCTV;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

"Asia Techno Complect" LLP is a dynamically developing company that specializes in a complex supply of high-quality equipment for engineering systems, fire-fighting and detection systems, design and installation of integrated security systems for industrial and civil facilities. The company has the status of exclusive partner within the world's leading manufacturers of equipment. "Asia Techno Complect" is pleased to offer the following services: technical consultations regarding the application of fire-fighting and engineering equipment as well as the design on their basis of the systems of fire-prevention protection; scientific and technical consultation on maintenance of complex security in design, construction, modernization, renovation and operation of facilities;design of integrated security systems; complex supply of equipment from leading manufacturers;installation and commissioning of fire-fighting water supply systems, water, foam and gas extinguishing and fire alarm system.

Security; Integrated Security Systems; Fire Safety; Video control system; CCTV;



Kazakhstan - Aktobe

Dearsirs! We would like to introduce AktyubinskFire-fighting Equipment Plant. Specialized production line of the plantallowsfor providing the citizens of our Republic with the highest quality and up-to-date means of primary fire-fighting equipment.Extinguishers manufactured at our plantare compliant with all the requirements of GOST and have obtained accreditation with the MES Research Institute in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Having the domestic Kazakhstani quality certificate, the Plant Quality Control Department strictly monitors the quality of output products. Our fire extinguishers serve with dignity to ensure fire safety at republican governmental, private institutions, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and other bodies up to oil-and-gas companies. Thankyoufortrusting the quality of domestic production. Protectyourselfandyourproperty from fire! SincerelyYours, Team of AktyubinskFire-FightingEquipmentPlant LLР

Fire Safety;